Mercedes Silver Arrow Yacht (Photos)

The trend that got Bugatti, Aston Martin and the Lexus building matching yachts and planes has attracted Mercedes-Benz too.

Tagged the ‘Gran turismo‘ of the seas, and a distant cousin of the Benz S class, the Mercedes Silver Arrow Yacht was built to drop jaws of Mercedes-Benz lovers and critics alike.

For N930 million (£2 million), you get a 900bhp, twin diesel engines, 880 horsepower, and the smoothest and noiseless cruise you’ve never imagined.

The interior is a beauty to behold, with its exquisite kitchen facilities, wine fridge, a large glass table, fully retractable side windows, and a vast glass sunroof.

And for those that look to spend weeks at sea, a push of a button retracts the glass table and out slides a king-size double bed for a night under the stars.

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