Things To Invest In Instead of Buying A Luxury Phone

1. Look for a fast developing area and buy a land
You never know how much this land might be worth in few years to come. 90% of the time landed properties keep increasing in value. Invest your money somewhere it can pay you big in future.

2. Find expert advise and buy shares in a bank
This is not the MMM get money quick lose money faster scheme. Buying proven shares are almost a certain way of increasing your income. Find expert advice from bankers on which shares to buy

3. Buy a very good laptop, A good Camera, and a smaller budget phone

Instead of spending on luxury goods and wants. You can spend your money smartly and wisely. Buy a good laptop, a good camera and an efficient budget phone like tecno, infinix, gionee and the likes. You would fight out that you have used the same amount of money probably less to buy more goods, services and satisfaction. Depending on your taste you might still have some money in the bank.

4. Start your blog professionally with standard hosting, Domain name, Premium theme, hire content writers, set aside some money for advertisement and keep the change

That money would effectively start a professional blog for you. And you know how much blogs make nowadays. No luxury phone can bring in the amount of money that a blog would bring you. Have you ever checked how much lindaikeji is worth or Uche Pedro or any of the top bloggers in Nigeria and around the world.

5. Start your own E-commerce site like Jumia and Konga
Most of those big e-commerce sites you see don’t own the goods they sell. They just have an agreement with the owners of these goods. And they get their cut whenever they make a sale. With such money on your hands, you can start your own e-commerce site and only God knows how much you will be earning tomorrow.

6. Learn a skill, art or trade and sell your services afterward.
Do you intend on being the next Clarence Peters. Be it video-editing, cinematography, photography, web design, networking e.t,c. You can learn it big and full-time with such money in your hands. You can empower yourself greatly or you can buy a piece of technology.

7. Farming
Don’t even think of laughing. You should know by now that farming is not a poor man’s business. If you have access to fertile land you can plant cash crops and reap a bountiful harvest with little or no work. You can engage in modernized and mechanical farming with such funds start small and grow big. Or you could go into poultry farming, fish farming whichever suits you.

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