Secrets To Get Your V1SA Approved –Tips to help you travel anywhere in the world

Ways to get your Visa application approved for Africans – Africans generally love the idea of travelling outside their country, whether for work, school or vacation, however, most times, they are unable to make their desired trip as due to immigration issues: they need to apply for a visa to visit most foreign countries, especially those outside Africa.
While every visa application is judged fairly, rigorously, and on its merits, often times, Africans have their visa application rejected or denied for reasons ranging from mistakes made by an unscrupulous agent, insufficient funds and false information. Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal, understands that getting a visa rejected can be quite a painful experience as the process is tedious, and so, if you are in Nigeria, read on to discover top three secrets on how to get your visa application approved by foreign embassies.

1. Do not make mistakes in the visa application
The visa application, whether paper or electronic, is a formal document and it is important that you do not make any mistakes while inputting required information. Make sure you write your answers clearly or type them in with clear font. Scan and correct typos, run­on sentences and jargons, including slangs. Ensure you avoid big grammar as well or ambiguous phrases. Keep your responses short, simple and straight to the point; you stand a higher chance of getting your visa that way. When you eventually go for interview as well, make sure you are prepared, so that your answers correspond with what you already inputted in the forms submitted. Also, answer with confidence as a weak and feeble answer can be your undoing.

2.Sufficient Funds

The pattern and consistency of inflow and outflow of funds recorded in your account are one of the most credible evidence that embassies rely on to justify giving you a visa. Apart from having sufficient funds, it is essential that it can be traced to a reliable source. If there is a sudden surge of funds in your account, that is not consistent with the average pattern over the previous 12 months, then you need to explain it. One of the criteria according to The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs state that your bank statement must reflect you can cater for your expenses while in the United States.

3.Do Not Give False Information

When you apply for a visa, make sure it contains no misrepresentation of fact in either the application itself or the supporting documents. Document fraud is typically discovered at the consulate when the foreign national goes in for the visa interview. If you submit fraudulent documents, such as a fake passport, educational degree, or something else, it can result in permanent visa ineligibility.

4.Clear Purpose of the Trip

Be precise on where you are going, especially the reason why you want to visit the country. If it’s for tourism or studies; also be sure of your length of stay, which is when you intend on travelling and your return date (back to your home country)

5.Strong Socio-Economic Ties

 Using your last savings to embark on a vacation is questionable, instead prove that you have a strong economic reason ( i.e a good job, investments and sufficient funds) which are good reasons for you to return to your home country.

Visa officers want to make sure that after your trip is over you will return to your home country. Hence officers want to see if there are compelling reasons in terms of strong ties you have with your home country. Show proof of “strong ties” that bind you to your country of residence. The Consular Officers conducting visa interviews look for proof that you will return to your country. Evidence of “strong ties” includes proof of economic ties, business ownership or employment, social and family relationships

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