Chris Brown Gifts Rihanna $30k Diamond Chain For Her 30th Birthday

Palpably Chris is still in love with Riri.

Years after their split, Rihanna has kept her distance from the R&B singer but not too long ago he followed her on Instagram and on her birthday Chris via Instagram sent Rih a birthday shoutout which drew mixed reactions from fans who chimed in his comment section to lash out at Chris asking him to leave Rih alone.

However, Chris didn’t just give Rih a birthday shoutout, he also reportedly sent her an expensive gift on that special day.
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Hollywoodlife.com reported that The 28-year-old R&B singer “dropped thirty thousand on a diamond chain for Rihanna’s birthday” on February 20; and “he sent it over with 30 red roses,” the so-called insider revealed.

The source said RiRi actually enjoyed the gift and she “was happy he remembered her birthday, but she’s not going to wear the chain,” because “it’s not her style at all anymore. It’s something she would have worn back when they were together, but she’s a grown woman now and she’s changed.”

Rihanna didn’t try to hide it either from her boyfriend, Hassan Jameel. The source says RiRi was “open and honest” about the unexpected birthday gift from Breezy. “She showed him the chain and told him she was keeping it. He didn’t seem to care, he had a good laugh about the whole situation. Hassan has made it very clear that he doesn’t think much of Chris. As far as he’s concerned it’s pretty pathetic that he’d still be sending gifts to Rihanna but he’s not stressing over it.”

After the 2009 battery case, Chris and Rihanna briefly reunited in 2012 and collaborated on a duet called “Nobody’s Business”. In May 2013, Chris confirmed that he and Rihanna had broken up again.

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