Rihanna Breaks Up With Her Billionaire Boyfriend

Rihanna has reportedly broken up with her billionaire Saudi boyfriend, who she’s been dating for more than a year. And honestly, the reason for the split is beyond relatable.

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According to the gossip site MediaTakeOut News, the singer has recently called things off with S.O. Hassan Jameel.

If you haven’t heard his name before, there’s a legit reason why: Rihanna and Jameel have kept their relationship highly private. She barely posted anything about her relationship with the billionaire on her social media and rarely spoke about him during interviews.

However, fans were convinced that the two were engaged last December, when she shared a pic on Instagram of her wearing a massive ring on a certain finger. But we didn’t really hear much on the matter after that—and of course RiRi’s worn rocks like that before (she did have a song called “Diamonds”).

So what (allegedly) happened? A source close to the singer told MediaTakeOut News what apparently led to the breakup: “Rihanna and him were together for a while. It was a good relationship, but now it’s over.”

According to this source, the singer had simply come to terms with the fact that she and Jameel no longer clicked—and then dropped the bomb that has us all feeling seen.

“Rihanna just got tired of him,” the source told the outlet. “She gets tired of men sometimes.”

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