Unbelievable! Hushpuppi Dines With Top Designer Label, Fendi

Unbelievable! Hushpuppi Dines With Top Designer Label, Fendi

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Nigerian Dubai based socialite, Hushpuppi has expressed appreciation to top designer label, Fendi, which invited him for a dinner last night.

According to Hushpuppi who marveled at the experience, it is unbelievable that a person like him who grew up in the slums could reach such height.

Read his post:

”Last night was really amazing for me, not just because I was invited by Fendi to dine with a lot of amazing, strong societal giants and strong personalities but also the fact that people of my kind from a dark and blurry background from the slums can get here on this level, not only make it out of the hood but also be able to integrate from the streets to the cooperate world which I know I am not the only one who has made it enough to be able to achieve this but a lot of people who made it only still care about being a champion in the street and the hood, for me I know I was not created to be a champion in a local market and I know for a fact I have been inspiring a lot of people not just from Africa but every part of the world on how to live life better and more greatly in the fashion world, I have been able to expose a lot of people to see the light (You all are welcome lol) and I hope someday I will be inspiring more young people to join me on this path. Being the only black person that was invited there last night, I hope to see many of you black kings and queens in this type of gatherings next time and not just in those your little gossip, hating on each other gatherings � Thank you #Fendi #FF #Fendimania #Dubai #Fashion.”

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